Welcome Akela Maize ! H πρώτη ξένη των Εσπερίδων Καλλιθέας - ΓΣ ΕΣΠΕΡΙΔΕΣ ΚΑΛΛΙΘΕΑΣ




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Welcome Akela Maize ! H πρώτη ξένη των Εσπερίδων Καλλιθέας

H 23χρονη (27/02/96) guard forward Felecity Havens (Φελέσιτι Χέϊβενς) από το Mountain Olive θα είναι η δεύτερη ξένη παίκτρια των Εσπερίδων Καλλιθέας και παρτενέρ της Ακίλα Μέϊζ. Μια αθλήτρια με σπουδαίες επιδόσεις και πολλές τιμητικές διακρίσεις που θα στελεχώσει το ρόστερ της ομάδαςστην πρώ της υπερατλαντική εμπειρία  . 

H αθλήτρια ήδη έγραψε στο instangram : 

"First and foremost I’m going to give all the glory to God because without him I wouldn’t even be here. I also want to thank all of the people who never gave up on me, even when my journey saw nothing but adversity time and time again. Nothing was handed to me, and you guys watched me work to get here all those long nights into the morning and supported me along the way, and for that I thank you all for staying by my side. Also thank you to UMO for all of the support and lessons along the way. 
Proud to say that no amount of doubt, hate, or opinions could have ever changed that goal or my ambition. 
With all that being said I am blessed to announce that I will be playing overseas in the city of Athens in Greece. 🌊🇬🇷 #GoESPERIDES🇬🇷#GREEKWOMENSBASKETBALLLEAGUE

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